TICO® is a high performance yellow, orange and red pigment preparation. These titanium based colorants exhibit maximum gloss, opacity, strength and durability. TICO® hybrid pigments are a combination of a specially micronized CIC pigmentary core particle and a pre-dispersed organic colorant attached to the surface of the core particle. The enhancement of chromaticity is an inherent characteristic of the TICO® pigment technology. TICO® preparations exhibit significantly reduced dusting during handling which is the best basis for perfect manufacturing hygiene. Due to the pre-dispersed state of its components, the TICO® technology also allows significantly shorter grinding times which are more comparable to that of pure inorganic pigments meaning there is less risk of overgrinding and color shift. The CICP carrier pigments of TICO® act like UV-absorbers and protect the sensitive organic pigment from UV-attacks.


  • high-performance lead- and cadmium-free alternative

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