Description du produit

GRANSOLVE DMI is a 100% pure, easily formulated solvent, sustainably derived from renewable corn sugar. It is used to stabilize, solvate and deliver active ingredients into the skin for significantly higher efficacy and performance attributes over a longer time period. It is globally available for use in personal care, sun care and topical pharmaceutical applications in all quantities.

Caractéristiques du produit

  • Outstanding non ionic solvent / solubilizer, highly miscible with most surfactants, co-solvents, colorants, and actives – including peptides
  • Remains stable over most pH ranges found in cosmetics
  • Helps maintain formula liquidity by retarding crystal growth of otherwise insoluble materials
  • Boosts the penetration of actives into the upper layers of the skin for improving efficacy and value.
  • Stabilize DHA and provide uniform coverage for an even tan in sunless tanners
  • Improves the depth of color and increase color deposition in hair coloring
  • Ideal ingredient for use in elegant hair, skin and sun care products especially in anti-acne and self-tanning products.

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