Angelica keiskei leaf is known for its vitality and called “Ashitaba (明日葉)”, meaning “tomorrow leaf” in Japanese due to its ability to grow green leaves in almost 1 day after being picked. Our ANGELICA KEISKEI EXTRACT (B)-BG70 prevents gray hair through promoting the migration of melanocytes which is a very important step at the early hair growing phase of the hair cycle, as well as enhancing melanin production. The naming background of Ashitaba and efficacies found in our extract can provide a revitalised image matching the goal of aging care products. It is recommended for the formulations of hair care products such as hair growth tonics, hair essences as well as shampoos and conditioners, providing a new measure against gray hair via the daily hair care routine.


  • Efficient against grey hair as it increases the production of melanin in hair via the expression of TRP-1.
  • JSQI approved.

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