Description du produit

Fiberglas is a well-known and widely used fiber that offers nice mechanical properties at low cost. Compared to woven fabrics, the fibers in multiaxial non-crimped fabrics are not woven but laid parallel to each other and stitched together. This special alignment enables the fibers to absorb loads without undulations. Depending on the fiber orientation (0°/ 90°/+45°/-45° /60°..), the type of Roving Tex and the surfacic density per direction (layer); a very wide range of Glass Multiaxial can be offered from total weight 400 gr/M2 to 3 kg /M2 (or more); Standard width is 127cm but some items can be offered wider up to 3meters & more Multiaxial non-crimped fabrics can also be combined with fleece material or stitchedbond mats to create further properties during component production or in the finished structure.

Caractéristiques du produit

  • Possibility of building a thick package of Glass in one step
  • Possibility to offer high total weight fabrics and reduce the number of layers for thick laminates
  • Excellent Mechanical, thermal and dielectric properties
  • Non combustible and inert to most chemicals
  • Deformability can be tailor made depending on type and density of stitching yarns used

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