Description du produit

COMBIFLOW products offer a simple combination of good flow properties and keeping good mechanical strength due the glassfiber layers on each side of the synthetic core. COMBIFLOW is a combination product where one or 2 layers of Glassfiber reinforcements ( mats or fabrics) can be stitched on a synthetic light-weight core (typically prolypropylene) which allows high resin Flow COMBIFLOW is available in a large variety of area density: mat side varying from 100 to 600 gr/M2, PP core standards are 3 and 5mm thick Additional layers of non-crimp Fabrics can be added by stitching (or chemical bond) to increase the Glass content and by consequence ,the mechanical properties COMBIFLOW is widely used in VARTM processes

Caractéristiques du produit

  • Allows productivity gains as it helps our customers to increase the number of parts produced per day compared to traditional processes like Hand lay-up
  • The RTM process will also give a nice cosmetic on both parts of the laminate
  • Less fiber print compared to Hand lay up or spray up technologies
  • For Class A surfaces, a synthetic veil can be added on the surface of the COMBIFLOW

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