Remypure, clean label rice starch. A new technology developed by BENEO lifts the functional properties of native rice starch to performance levels competing with those of chemically modified starches. Adding to this the natural origin of rice, the creation of unique textures with excellent product stability can be formulated with one single starch. Avoiding modified or artificial ingredients, rice also withstands harsh processing conditions (low pH, high temperature, high shear). Nutritional & technical benefits of Remypure: Natural Clean label High tolerance towards low pH, high temperatures and high shear High product stability (shelf-life, freeze-thaw) thanks to the rice origin Unique textures Neutral taste Food applications with Remypure: Soups and sauces Fruit preparations Baby food jars Dairy desserts


  • Carbohydrate source
  • Preservation
  • Stabiliser
  • Thickener

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