NEOSORB® Sorbitol Powder range products are sugar-free, low caloric bulk sweeteners providing a variety of functional properties in confectionery, bakery and seafood products. Used as a sugar replacement in sugar-free confectionery, it allows you to meet consumer demand for a wide range of texture for Tooth friendly chewing-gums contributing to oral health. Dental plaque, a sticky bacterial film that develops on dental enamel, reoccurs after every meal. Those microorganisms feed on sugar fermentation, produced by destructive acids attacking the tooths enamel. NEOSORB® P sorbitol powder does not produce acids or cause tooth decay as they are not metabolized by the oral bacteria. European regulation recognizes the nutritional benefits of polyols (Maintenance of Tooth Mineralization, Tooth friendly generic EU claims). Thanks to its humectant and cryoprotectant qualities, it helps extend shelf life in seafood products.


  • Bulking Agent
  • Humectant
  • Preservation
  • Sweetener

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