A 100% acrylic thermoplastic co-polymer for use in transparent weatherable applications. End-use products based upon VERSALOID™ 2308 Flexible Acrylic Resin will exhibit a broad service temperature range, maintaining excellent tensile strength, tear resistance and other physical properties, while remaining flexible and ductile, even at sub-ambient temperatures.


  • Flexible at ambient and sub ambient temperatures
  • Very high stress whitening resistance
  • Excellent dead fold properties
  • Good Clarity, as detailed below
  • Excellent mechanical properties, as detailed below
  • Excellent weatherability
  • Printable and Paintable with both solvent or water borne inks / paints
  • Excellent adhesion to polar substrates for laminating, including metal, PS, ABS, PET, PU and PVC
  • Miscibility with a variety of thermoplastics, including PMMA, PVC, ASA, PVDF, and PBT


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