HORDAMER comprises BYKs primary polyethylene dispersions. Wax additives have many areas of application. They can be used, for example, to control the processability of products or to improve the properties of surfaces. Waxes can be of a natural, semisynthetic or synthetic origin. The fundamental properties are derived from the chemical basis, the melting point and the polarity of a wax. BYK offers three lines of wax additives with water as the liquid phase: the wax emulsions AQUACER, the wax dispersions AQUAMAT, and the primary dispersions HORDAMER. The HORDAMER types are manufactured by direct polymerization of ethylene in water under high pressure in the presence of emulsifiers. This process yields stable aqueous dispersions of straight, non-modified polyethylene, while the emulsification always require polyethylene with polar modifications.


  • Wax additives
  • Primary polyethylene dispersions

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