BYK-UV is one of BYKs brands for surface additives for radiation-curing systems. During the application of liquid coatings on surfaces a multitude of surface defects can occur. The cause for this is, among others, significantly differing surface tensions. If, for example, the surface tension of the coating is higher than that of the substrate, this manifests itself in poor wetting (high contact angle) and, with that poor adhesion and cratering. In addition, additives from this product class can also influence the surface slip and increase the cleanability. BYK-UV additives are especially used to influence levelling, substrate wetting, tape release, surface slip and creating structural effects in radiation-curing printing inks and overprint varnishes.


  • For radiation-curing systems
  • Coatings
  • Printing inks
  • Inkjet inks
  • Overprint varnishes
  • Cross-linking

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