PRECITE® is the brand for thermoplastic polyesters at AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH. Due its low moisture absorption, PRECITE® has an exceptionally high dimensional stability in comparison to polyamides and is used for applications with high demands to precision. Furthermore, the thermoplastic polyesters have an outstanding heat aging performance as well as excellent gliding properties and wear resistance. The PRECITE® portfolio focuses on reinforced PBT and PET up to 50 % glass fibers or other fillers especially our carbon fibre reinforcement. PRECITE® consists of PBT, PET, PBT/PET blend, PBT/ASA blend and can be offered as flame-retardant or hydrolysis resistant compound.


  • PRECITE® has a unique combination of properties to accomplish the high requirements of a variety of complex applications. The most important markets for PRECITE® are the automotive and E/E industry as well as appliances. Generally, PBT is the material of choice for applications with high demands for dimensional stability, strength and rigidity as well as heat aging performance.

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