Electrically Insulating Film Adhesives Dielectric films and tapes offer conformability, easy application, and reliable tack designed to perform at high temperatures and resist oxidation, solvents, and oils while maintaining physical and electrical integrity. Thermally Conductive Adhesives Adhesives with thermal fillers like silver or aluminum oxide that offer superior heat dissipation for a wide range of electronic applications, available in silicone, epoxy and hybrid BMI chemistries, which are hydrophobic. Electrically Conductive Film Adhesives Available in sheets, and precut to specific shapes and sizes for bonding circuit boards to metal frames and heat sinks


  • Electrically Insulating Film Adhesives: for high-reliability applications designed for Aircraft, Radar, Sonar, Guidance Systems, Satellites, Ground and Maritime Vehicles, Telecommunications, Electronic Component Assembly
  • Thermally Conductive Adhesives: great thermal and electrical properties
  • Electrically Insulating Film Adhesives: Thermally conductive, High purity


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