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We support pharmaceutical, agrochemical and aroma chemical synthesis customers, providing products and services that underpin process, R&D and commercial manufacturing. Innovation is at the heart of what we do, and we are committed to championing green chemistry for a healthy world.

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We believe in the importance of understanding our customers, offering innovative solutions and being easy to do business with across the globe.
We are constantly developing our product offering to ensure it delivers significant performance benefits and helps our customers achieve a competitive edge.
We offer a broad range of established speciality solvents, process chemicals and intermediates traditionally selected for chemical synthesis.
Our relationships with our globally renowned suppliers date back decades. It’s the strength of these partnerships that ensures the robust, reliable and trusted service synonymous with IMCD Synthesis.

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At IMCD, we support you in developing more sustainable chemical processes that will differentiate your future-thinking business.

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Often during the API manufacturing process, significant amounts of waste by-products and pollutants are generated. It has been estimated that 80% of this waste can be traced back to solvents (Roger Sheldon, ChemTech, 1994). Therefore solvent selection is crucial in eliminating the environmental burden associated with API manufacture.
Our Greener Solutions meet this growing need for more environmentally friendly technologies in chemical synthesis. Despite advances in research, mainstream chemical producers have not yet taken full advantage of green chemistry and engineering. We can support you in developing more sustainable chemical processes. 
The first step in the journey is our Greener Solvents seminar, which is delivered free of charge to you and your team. In the session, we present alternatives to some of the potentially toxic or environmentally harmful solvents commonly used in chemical synthesis today.  

In turn, we are continuing to expand our own portfolio of speciality solvents to include raw materials that are derived from renewable feed stocks, have lower toxic potential or require less energy during manufacturing.

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