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IMCD Pharmaceuticals is well-known as a reliable source of unique and innovative product solutions for various markets, thanks to our strategic partnerships with leading suppliers.

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From active pharmaceutical ingredients, agrochemicals, biopharma, excipients & formulation, nutraceuticals to synthesis, our experts work side-by-side with you to address your unique needs and find the right solutions for you.
Whether you are looking to improve an existing formulation, or innovate to find a new solution, our global experts are here to help. Read on to explore our markets and don't hesitate to contact us when you're ready to get started.

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IMCD offers innovative solutions for the following market segments:

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Reliable, fast and with full regulatory support, IMCD supports customers with generic APIs from procurement through to formulation of the finished dosage form.


We deliver innovation for a healthy world by offering products with low environmental burden and with the ever-growing demand for biodegradable, clean label, and naturally derived solutions we help our customers respond rapidly to the changing regulatory landscape.


Our deep knowledge of the biologic market allows us to understand the specific needs of our customers when working with living organisms and developing high purity drugs. As well as providing support to help our customers in their operational and technological challenges.

Excipients and Formulation 

Using our unrivalled portfolio, our industry experts offer robust technical support and innovative solutions to our customers. Our commitment to innovation through formulation is at the heart of what we do.


With our science-based approach to natural extracts, we support customers with studied and fully traceable ingredients, assisting with innovative marketing concepts to meet market demands and the dynamic regulatory environment– without compromising on safety and efficacy.


We support pharmaceutical, agrochemical and aroma chemical synthesis customers, providing products and services that underpin process, R&D and commercial manufacturing. We support our customers in developing more sustainable chemical processes for a healthier world.


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