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The Vegan Shakes Boom

Explore our innovative Protein Shakes solutions and embrace the vegan shift.
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Instant Vegan Shakes, high in protein and sugar-free!

Growing Appetite for Nutritional Alternatives

Dietary habits in France reveal an imbalance between animal and plant proteins, with a ratio of 2/1, whereas a ratio close to 1 is recommended (* FFAS). With a focus on well-being and environmental awareness, an increasing number of consumers are turning to plant-based alternatives.

This shift in trend comes with an estimated 8% annual growth for the vegan protein shake market, projecting an increase from 70 million euros in 2022 to 100 million euros by 2025. This market share is expected to rise from 10% to 15% over the same period, causing a decline in sales of traditional animal protein-based shakes (** Xerfi). 

Recognizing the significant opportunity that vegan sports nutrition presents for the food industry, IMCD Food & Nutrition has embraced the challenge by developing sugar-free Vegan Shake recipes, rich in proteins and fibers. This tailored response aligns with the market's demand for balanced, flavorful products that meet nutritional needs.

Vegan Nutritional Innovation

Engineered by our Food Technologists at IMCD Food & Nutrition, our Vegan Shakes address the primary challenges of protein shakes, ensuring optimal nutritional quality, pleasant texture, good solubility, and delightful flavors:

  • Nutritional Quality: Our Vegan Shakes offer optimal nutrition, being rich in proteins, a source of fibers, and sugar-free, catering to health-conscious consumers.

  • Texture and Convenience: Designed for a pleasant experience, our shakes have a smooth texture without lumps and excellent solubility, providing instant use for easy integration into daily routines.

  • Authentic Flavors and Colors: Irresistible recipes with natural flavors and colorings. Explore creations like Banana Biscuit (fruity sweetness of banana with the indulgence of biscuit) and indulge in Nutty Chocolate (creamy chocolate paired with gourmet hazelnuts).

An innovative concept perfectly balancing nutritional balance and taste pleasure, specifically crafted for athletes and active individuals concerned about their health.

Interested in exploring our Shake concept, playing with colors and flavors, developing your next nutritional beverages, or staying ahead of upcoming trends? We would be delighted to welcome your R&D and sales teams to our laboratory in the Paris area to collaborate on the development of your next protein beverages.
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High Quality Ingredients

Behind our Shake recipes are carefully selected and tested ingredients from Europe's most reputable suppliers, ensuring superior quality and providing consumers with all the necessary proteins for their sports sessions or active lifestyles.

  • Sunflower Protein: Plant-based proteins with a neutral taste and color, ideal for discreet integration into your nutritional beverages.

  • Rapeseed Protein: Varied plant protein sources to supply all essential amino acids for optimal bodily functions.

  • Soluble Fiber: Enhances the nutritional profile of your preparations, allowing the "rich in fiber" claim.

  • Masking Aroma: Masks off-notes introduced by plant proteins while enhancing sweetness intensity.

  • Natural Flavors: A palette of indulgent and diverse flavors to satisfy individual taste preferences.

​If you wish to learn more about our ingredients, our technical-commercial engineers will be delighted to present the breadth of our product range and the multitude of possibilities tailored to your applications.

* Les protéines dans l’alimentation : équilibre animal-végétal. État des lieux établi par le Fonds Français pour l’Alimentation et la Santé (FFAS) - October 2019

** Le marché de l'alimentation vegane et végétarienne : nouvelle donne ? – Xerfi – March 2023