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Plant-based Chilled Desserts

Discover traditional desserts in vegan versions

IMCD food experts have turned traditional desserts like mousse and flan into vegan versions. The result is delicious!

Market Trends 
for desserts:
Healthy & Indulgent 

With consumers increasingly aware of the impact of their diets on the environment and their health, plant-based products are expanding into categories, reaching different market segments. Now is the time for plant-based chilled dessert offerings. Check out some of the main market trends for this segment:


  • Better for the planet: vegan and vegetarian are two of the top five positioning for new product development for chilled and ambient desserts in the last six months from 2021.
  • Better for you: consumers are looking for better-for-you choices in this indulgent segment, including low levels of fat, sugar and calories.
  • Most acclaimed flavours: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and caramel are the four winner flavours when it comes to chilled and ambient desserts.

*Innova Database – Category review: Ambient and Chilled Desserts – Feb/22

Discover our plant-based chilled dessert concepts

At IMCD, we use our expertise and laboratories to improve recipes to a healthier and sustainable level, maintaining the flavour and texture experience.

Caramel Vegan Flan

Caramel Vegan Flan

This indulgent chilled dessert has a caramel, buttery and creamy profile, with a final touch of burnt sugar. Its fatty texture assures a creamy and delicious mouthfeel.

A great way for vegans to indulge in dessert!