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Non-alcoholic beers

Discover four great-tasting non-alcoholic beers

IMCD's brewing experts have developed four different non-alcoholic beers to be appreciated by consumers who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle or easily adapt to the occasion.

The Weizen, Classic, Rhubista and Mystic are great tasting beer options for those who are looking for non-alcoholic alternatives without missing the flavour and freshness pleasure of drinking a beer.

The beers were formulated with a specific malt extract to create a clean and crisp malt base. On top of that, natural flavours and a natural hop bittering extract were added to build its great taste and its main flavour signature.


Weizen - Wheat beer style

This non-alcoholic beer is a wheat beer style, being slightly spiced and refreshing. It has 0.04% alcohol and it fits perfectly with savoury dishes such as pork, charcuterie and wholegrain mustard. When it comes to desserts and bites, this beer style can be appreciated with panna cotta, honey, basil, mango and pine nuts.