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Mocktails: A Fresh Approach to Toasting

Explore our Mocktail solutions and ride the wave of alcohol-free indulgence!
3 fruity mocktails created by IMCD Food & Nutrition
Mixologue vidant son shaker pour la réalisation d'un mocktail

The Rise of Non-Alcoholic Beverages


Since its debut in 2013 in the UK, Dry January has transformed from a passing trend to a full-fledged societal phenomenon. Following suit, Sober October has made its mark on our calendars. Today, consumers express a stronger-than-ever desire for a healthier lifestyle and a growing inclination to cut back on alcohol.

In France, 15% of the population now claims to never consume alcohol (2023 - Sowine/Dynata Institute). This trend is even more noticeable among the younger generation. More adolescents are opting out of that first alcoholic drink (19.4% in 2022, compared to 4.4% in 2002 - OFDT). Young adults are also embracing sobriety, with 23% of those aged 18-25 in 2022 declaring themselves non-drinkers, a 5-point increase in a year (2023 - SOWINE-Dynata Barometer).

This newfound attraction to a sober and healthier lifestyle is driving enthusiasm for alcohol-free alternatives. The NoLo market, covering non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beverages, has witnessed a surge, with over 250 active brands today and a global turnover surpassing $11 billion in 2022. The NoLo market is projected to grow significantly, estimated at 7% annually until 2026 (IWSR).

Always at the forefront of emerging trends, IMCD France's Food & Nutrition experts view Mocktails as a high-potential solution. Blending "mock" and "cocktail," Mocktails have evolved beyond mere alcohol-free imitations; they now represent a distinct universe. It's a golden opportunity for beverage industry professionals to tackle the challenge of spirit-free drinks.

Riding the Mocktail Wave

Mocktails have become the go-to choice in embracing the alcohol-free trend, catching the wave of renewed interest in cocktails. The art of mixology, a fresh take on crafting cocktails, is winning over a growing audience with quality products and increasingly inventive creations, pushing establishments to rethink their game. 29% of the French now label cocktails as their preferred alcoholic beverage, marking a 9% jump from 2022 (Sowine/Dynata Barometer - 2023)

Today, mixology doesn’t stop at alcoholic drinks, giving rise to alternatives like Mocktails. Far from being just for non-drinkers, Mocktails deliver a natural, sophisticated, and creative tasting experience, offering multisensory cocktails with an unmatched richness of flavors. Mocktails shake up the traditional cocktail scene by putting "secondary" ingredients like fruit juices, vegetables, syrups, and sodas at the recipe's core, replacing spirits that once took the spotlight. Tailored for a healthy and mindful lifestyle, Mocktails embody a beverage that doesn’t compromise on flavor complexity or the social joy of consumption.

In response to the Mocktail frenzy, IMCD steps up by crafting a lineup of innovative and natural alcohol-free concepts!

amis heureux partageant un mocktail
ingrédients de mixologue pour la réalisation d'un mocktail

Behind the Scenes of our Mocktails

IMCD invites you into a world bursting with flavors and colors, sparking the imagination of those ready to explore the Mocktail realm. Our 0.0 Mocktail recipes (alcohol <0.05) feature top-tier ingredients sourced from renowned suppliers, each with unique qualities that elevate Mocktails to the pinnacle of mixology excellence.

To craft our Mocktail masterpieces, our experts carefully curated a symphony of ingredients from trusted suppliers and partners. Their artistry in combining elements results in delightful and well-balanced recipes.

  • Aromatic Solutions: Natural alcohol-flavored aromas blended with fruity and herbaceous tones, featuring spicy notes brought by vanilla bean aromas, among others

  • Technical Aromas: Natural solutions adding a hint of sweetness to Mocktails, all while keeping sugar levels in check

  • Natural Colors: Infusing Mocktails with alluring and original colors tailored for a sensory journey

  • Aromatic Caramels: In liquid form, these caramels bring a delectable sugary and spiced twist to the mix

Revamped IMCD Mocktails

Our Food Technologists have whipped up 4 recipes in our Food & Nutrition lab using our premium ingredients, focusing on taste and color with natural raw materials. These delightful creations capture flavors widely loved by consumers, paying homage to the most iconic cocktails. Dive into our Mocktail offerings – taste adventures crafted to delight your customers:

  • Daiquiri Red Fruits: a delightful blend of raspberry and daiquiri, with a touch of natural rose

  • Passion Fruit Martini: the exotic fusion of passion fruit and white vermouth, enhanced by a hint of vanilla and a vibrant orange hue

  • Margarita: be charmed by its zesty lemon and herbaceous taste, accompanied by a refreshing pale green color

  • Negroni: a non-alcoholic spin on this iconic cocktail, delivering the incomparable taste of Negroni paired with the fruity intensity of fig

Food technologists IMCD en train de tester une recette de mocktail
Mocktails are here to stay, shaping the future of beverage consumption. They embody a true revolution in the drink industry, providing alternatives as tasty and sophisticated as their alcoholic counterparts.

Want to join this alcohol-free revolution? With IMCD, access quality ingredients and tailor-made solutions to unleash your creativity. Trust IMCD France Food & Nutrition's expertise to inspire you. Contact us and turn your ideas into memorable experiences.