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Health-conscious Nutri-Score A Biscuits

Fast-track your nutritional transition with our latest line of healthy biscuits.
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The Nutri-Score, a new compass and commercial asset serving nutritional quality.

In 2023, it is estimated that 60% of commercially available biscuits are rated as Nutri-Score E (Open Food Facts)*. Nevertheless, nutrition remains at the forefront of consumers' concerns, making the iconic 5-color logo an indispensable guide. This underlying trend directly impacts the biscuit market, driving the industry to innovate and offer balanced options that delight consumers' taste buds.

More than just a challenge, this trend is also an opportunity. A high Nutri-Score rating indeed boosts sales, with a 6.3-point increase in shelf turnovers for products rated A and a 4.5-point increase for those rated B, according to a study by Circana and ScanUp

IMCD Food & Nutrition has seized this opportunity to provide tailored nutritional enhancement solutions to bakery professionals. Discover our Nutri-Score A health biscuits: low in fat, with a low glycemic index, and rich in fiber and protein. All while not compromising on deliciousness and enjoyment!

Health centric ingredients

For our Nutri-Score A Health Biscuit concept, IMCD has crafted an intelligent recipe that seamlessly blends nutritional quality with delectable flavors, perfectly aligning with the latest health trends in the baking industry.

Explore our key ingredients, thoughtfully selected for their functional benefits:

  • Fava Bean and Sunflower Proteins 
    Plant-based proteins with neutral taste and color that contribute texture and a protein boost to the final product.
  • Rice and Fava Bean Flours
    Plant-based flours rich in proteins, enhancing nutritional value, with a neutral taste and complementary texturizing effects.
  • Isomaltulose
    A low glycemic index sugar, providing sustained energy throughout the day, while enhancing the biscuit's crispiness.
  • Dietary Fibres
  • Soluble dietary fibers that enhance the nutritional profile by acting as a bulking agent.  
  • Vitamins
    The biscuits are enriched with vitamins designed to withstand baking, improving vitamin and mineral content.
  • Flavouring
    Botanical extracts, fruit powders, and natural flavors infuse the biscuits with unique character and a natural taste.
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Healthy, Fun, and Delicious Biscuits


In our pursuit of exceptional taste, we've crafted three unique biscuits. Each one promises a perfect blend of flavors and benefits, enhanced by subtle flavorings, botanical extracts for natural taste, and carefully measured vitamin content.

It's the assurance that Nutri-Score A biscuits can also be a delight for your taste buds, harmoniously combining flavor and health.

Discover our 3 vitamin-infused biscuits:

  • Acérola-Cranberry Biscuits: Natural energy from superfruits to revitalize your day. 

  • Lavender-Chocolate Biscuits: The harmony of lavender and dark chocolate for a moment of well-being.
  • Chamomile-Orange Blossom Biscuits: A soothing and delightful infusion for moments of serenity.

Technical Experts to Support Your Journey


It's within our IMCD Food & Nutrition laboratory in Paris that the concept of Nutri-Score A Health Biscuits took shape, a testament to the expertise of our Food Technologists in crafting innovative recipes that meet the latest market expectations.

To expedite your nutrition enhancement endeavors, our team stands by your side, catering to the specific needs of your marketing and R&D teams. For your bakery innovation projects, we offer tailored, flexible solutions that are finely attuned to your business.

Our approach is all about tackling your formulation challenges through co-creation. We support your developments by leveraging our in-depth knowledge of nutritional trends, production processes, and quality and regulatory requirements.

* source: Study conducted on Open Food Facts: Nutri-Score of sweet biscuit products in France (13,250 products).

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