In transparency we trust

In the era of fake news, consumers are confused about who and what to believe. Brands have been caught posting their own reviews. Inauthentic and problematic beauty influencers, whose words once held sway, are being called to account for their indiscretions by switched-on consumers, who look beyond face value and seek authenticity at all costs. At the same time, the pandemic has increased our already-strong desire to understand the provenance of products, so we can personally verify their ethics and safety and feel confident in the brand itself.

Safer in the sun

Growing health and skin aging concerns about UV-induced damages have led consumers to seek for more natural, effective and reliable sun protection products, with superior sensory experience in use, whatever their skin type and requirements, wherever their locations.

Our solution: Natural Skin Shield Mineral Sun Cream

Natural and optimal skin protection

A highly protective* naturally derived sun cream based on 100% mineral sunscreen, a zinc dispersion which offers a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection and makes it suitable for fragile, sensitive or hyper-reactive skin types. It has a creamy consistency that’s easy to apply and feels soft on the skin during and after application.


*SPF 45 (in-vivo measurement)


Clarisse Majcherczyk, Business Unit Manager Personal Care at IMCD France and Dr. Laurent Blasco (PhD), Global Technical Director at IMCD Personal Care share their thoughts on what it  means to be truly transparent

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