Experience Comes Alive

Products are no longer so desirable as standalone objects or status symbols, but instead as tools with which to unlock a deeper experience of joy and wellbeing. As such, brands that can help people experience something unique and memorable are more likely to win a place in their hearts – and on their shelves. And right now, brands that can create that experience in the safety of the home are standing out, as consumers look for more do-it-yourself physical treatments with luxe sensory qualities, while also exploring the opportunities the digital world has to offer.

Technology is now opening up more ways for consumers to try out new personal care products, seek self-accomplishment and create shared experiences with others, even during times of social distancing. Consumers are keen to try out the latest beauty tech devices, or to engage in virtual reality or artificial reality beauty experiences that let them ‘try on’ a cosmetic or participate in an event. 

Equally important are meaningful offline self-care experiences. Many are finding value in switching off, shutting down and simply doing nothing at all. Meanwhile, there is growing interest in community events where people can learn from and entertain one another, along with a return to nostalgic reliving of much-loved personal care experiences from childhood and home cultures.

A whole new ball game

Get smart
It’s about time the internet of things took up more space in the bathroom. New products making waves include smart, connected bathroom mirrors that can tell you what the weather’s like while you’re planning your outfit. Easy-to-access innovations include a swathe of apps that let consumers “try on” beauty and hair styles with previously unseen levels of realism. 

Our solution: Powder-to-Cream Foundation

Is it a loose powder, or is it an emulsion? The answer is a little of both! Our technical experts have developed an exclusive formula based on powder to liquid technology.This innovative, morphing texture brings together the mattifying and coverage effects of a foundation with the unique sensory experience of a light emulsion. This extraordinary formula contains tiny microspheres which create a soft-focus effect that enhances the look of the product and helps the skin to appear smoother. 


Find out more about the latest innovations in consumer experiences with Kristian Hartono, Business Group Director and Catherine Tirtasudira, Regional Technical Director for Beauty & Personal Care, Home Care and I&I at IMCD Asia Pacific.

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