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Elium®, the resin revolutionizing the world of composites

IMCD Now Distributing Elium®, Arkema's Cutting-Edge Resin 

Already partnering with Arkema on numerous products, IMCD France is expanding its portfolio to include the distribution of recyclable thermoplastic Elium® resins, for the French market. This key collaboration with Arkema, a global leader in specialty materials, aligns perfectly with the demands of a rapidly evolving market, where thermoplastic composites are gaining prominence due to their high potential for innovation and sustainability.

A Groundbreaking Innovation

IMCD France is expanding its product range by introducing recyclable thermoplastic resins, Elium®, a unique material developed by Arkema specifically for infusion and casting processes.

Leveraging our expertise in composites and a range of Elium®-compatible products, we are excited to offer this groundbreaking innovation to our customers. Elium® thermoplastic resin delivers equivalent performance to thermosetting resins, providing strength and durability to composite parts. However, it stands out from traditional resins with unique advantages: ease of use, low toxicity, productivity gains, and, most importantly, recyclability.

Addressing the challenges of the circular economy, Elium® presents an attractive solution for the composite industry. Furthermore, this resin leverages the same manufacturing tools as those used for thermosetting composites.

With our IMCD France Advanced Materials experts, benefit from technical support across various applications (construction, civil engineering, transportation, marine, and more). Discover how you can also capitalize on this revolutionary innovation that is reshaping the composite market!
Arkema engineer working on Elium resin
Geoffrey Barbier

"The Elium® range of recvclable thermoplastic resins will enable us to better support our customers with innovative and more sustainable solutions"

Geoffrey Barbier, Market Manager Composites, Advanced Materials, IMCD France

Elium®, a Range of High-Performance Resins

Unique Properties 

  • Advanced Formulation: a polymer based on acrylics diluted in a reactive monomer, enriched with additives for exceptional fluidity.
  • Flexible Polymerization: complete control with various reaction types and initiators, along with polymerization parameters that adapt to your specific needs (viscosity, time, reactivity temperature).
  • Versatile Applications: a solution for numerous industries (wind energy, construction, transportation, marine, sports, leisure) while delivering performance equivalent to thermosetting resins.
  • Unmatched Recyclability: whether mechanical or chemical, the recycling process enables the creation of new, high-quality composite parts.
  • Arkema engineer working on Elium resin
    Elium resin production by Arkema

    Benefits of Elium® Thermoplastic Resin

  • Lightweight and Durable: Elium® combines lightness and strength for improved impact absorption.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Elium® is free from styrene, BPA, and cobalt salts, ensuring an eco-friendly solution.
  • High degree of Recyclability: Elium® allows for fiber separation and reuse of pure resin.
  • Cost-Effective: Elium® offers competitive costs compared to thermosetting composites.
  • Versatile Applications: Elium® boasts numerous complementary properties, including adhesive qualities, welding capabilities, and thermoforming versatility.
  •  A Revolutionary Recycling Process

    The recycling of used composite parts has long posed a significant challenge, particularly in the wind energy sector. With Elium® resin, recycling is now a reality.

    A unique depolymerization process, developed by Arkema's R&D teams, can extract pure resin while preserving its original characteristics. The separated carbon or glass fibers are also reusable, making Elium® a sustainable solution for the composite industry.

    This chemical recycling method is effective for all types of composite parts, including waste generated during production, marking a significant step forward in sustainable composite solutions!

    Arkema boat using Elium resin distributed by IMCD