A Revolution in Boat Assembly!

Discover how IMCD is enhancing the efficiency and profitability of shipyards
Man walking on the deck of a luxury boat

Innovating in the nautical industry, a challenge met by IMCD Advanced Materials.

In the realm of nautical manufacturing, the constant pursuit of optimization and decarbonization is crucial for maintaining competitiveness. For one of our clients, IMCD Advanced Materials' teams developed a groundbreaking solution that radically transforms the boat assembly process.​​

Ship being constructed in a shipyard

The Challenge


Our client initially employed the traditional assembly method for luxury boats—a reliable but time and efficiency-intensive process. Manual procedures significantly prolonged production timelines, impacting shipyard profitability.

The application of fiber-reinforced polyester resin putty, followed by re-laminating, took two days to assemble hull stiffeners, drastically slowing down the production pace. This method was also environmentally unfriendly, emitting harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The IMCD Solution

IMCD's response to this challenge was guided by our deep expertise in adhesives and our commitment to understanding our clients' specific needs. After a thorough analysis of technical constraints, our technical sales engineers devised an innovative bonding solution tailored to the nautical industry.

Drawing from our portfolio and leveraging our partnership with Bostik, a market leader in bonding and sealing solutions, we chose the SAF range—a methacrylate adhesive known for its strength and durability. By replacing old methods with bonding, our client assembled stiffeners in a few hours, reducing assembly time by fourfold!

This transition required a meticulous reevaluation of existing processes and staff training. The solution proved so compelling that it was subsequently deployed on the production line, streamlining a complex process while maintaining high standards of quality and durability.

Following this success, the client duplicated the process by bonding the hull and deck, reducing structural assembly from several days to just two hours! This achievement has since benefited numerous other shipyards, demonstrating the effectiveness of our innovative approach.​

Worker gluing deck and hull with IMCD Advanced Material adhesive solution
Luxury boat built with IMCD Advanced Materials on the coast

Advantages of Bonding

Using an adhesive solution like the SAF range brings numerous benefits to the nautical industry:

  • Significant time savings: Reducing assembly time from several days to a few hours, boosting production capacity.
  • Increased efficiency: Accelerating the production line, minimizing waiting times between stages, and optimizing resources.
  • Enhanced strength and durability: Our adhesive provides a remarkable bond, reinforcing the structure of assembled components for increased durability.
  • Cost reduction: Long-term savings from reduced lead times and storage costs.
  • Compliance and positive environmental: A safer adhesive that promotes regulatory compliance and reduces environmental footprint.