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Advanced Materials

At IMCD Advanced Materials, we work with our partners to push the boundaries of material science and open new frontiers for the industry.

Open New Frontiers

Across all of the work we do at IMCD Advanced Materials, we never stop asking, 'what's next?'. That's what drives our passion to uncover the solutions that we need to shape the future across industries - from the broadest global level to the smallest local scale.

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Our team of experts supports the development of the innovative solutions you need to differentiate your products on the market.

At IMCD Advanced Materials we offer an extensive range of high-quality products sourced through long-term collaborations with world-leading principals such as functional additives, speciality compounds, adhesive solutions or advanced composites, we offer different products to serve customers in compounding, converter, composites, rubber and PUR industries globally.

We are highly experienced in overcoming formulation challenges and ensuring smooth, efficient and safe production processes. Leveraging our unrivalled technical expertise, broad product portfolio and application know-how, we work side-by-side with you to create the right solution to differentiate your innovation.


At IMCD Advanced Materials, we embrace the unknown in search of new possibilities. Together, we can spur innovation and develop the best solutions on the market. We're ready when you are. Contact us today.

"With a wide range of specialty products and technical solutions, our experts help you innovate and succeed in many industries every day."

Rémy le Mée

Business Unit Manager, Advanced Materials France

Rémy Le Mée IMCD France Advanced Materials Business Unit Manager

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