Technical Expertise

With our global presence and local experts on the ground we can better advise our partners and help guide their innovations.
We understand that complex and international markets require first-class knowledge and support. That’s why we invest heavily in technical expertise, as well as sales and marketing excellence, to enable to meet our customers and suppliers’ demands.
Our 65 technical centres in over 20 countries work closely with sales teams and product managers to provide the right formulation and dedicated support to our partners wherever they are in the world. 

Discover our technical centers and laboratories in France

We have established laboratories dedicated to our key market segments to create opportunities for our partners’ developments and enable them to stay one step ahead.
Our technical expertise, combined with our sales and market expertise and our global vision of the product offering, puts us in a unique position to identify synergies and offer the best solutions to our customers locally. Each of our sales representatives also has the most detailed knowledge of the products and their uses.
Combining global knowledge with local expertise our laboratories network is a major asset to manage projects, save time for customers and encourage the emergence of new ideas!
In addition, our laboratories have been designed to be real places of exchange and co-creation. As such, they are also centre of learning and continuous improvement and therefore the perfect location to host customer and supplier seminars and training programmes for our employees
Among this network of laboratories, 4 are located in France and dedicated to the following segments: 

- Beauty & Personal Care (Paris)
- Food & Nutrition (Paris)
- Coatings & Construction (Lyon)
- Lubricants & Energy (Compiègne)


With our technical and application-specific knowledge, we support our partners here in fine-tuning formulations and production processes related to the specific application areas of the final product.

At the same time, our technical centres also function as training centres. Under laboratory conditions, our experts acquire specialist knowledge in order to offer our suppliers and customers targeted practical advice.


65 technical centres worldwide to better serve you

These global technical centres are embedded across six of our business groups:
  • A team of 35 engineers and technical sales mangers in France to support you with the best expertise

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